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Home Workouts for Women

Home Workouts for Women

Frustration. That feeling you get when after a few months into the New Year, you realized that you still haven’t started that fitness routine you begged yourself to start. Sure, the weather might be sub-zero, the movies at the pictures might be great, and also work might be hectic, but, make now, the time to start. If you have no idea of what a home workout for women should look like, or where to start, then not to worry. The internet has a vast wave of knowledge that can help women, such as you, lose fat and tone-up your muscle.

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There are free workouts, but if you prefer to pay for a home workout for women, that is more intense and contains a diet plan, then either is a smart choice.
Check-out these great exercises for a great home workout for women:
Burpees. Start in a press-up position and do one press-up, get up and do a jump, and repeat. Sounds easy, but it’s not. This exercise will get you to work really hard, so don’t worry if you struggle at first, just take it easy. It is important to get the movements nailed, before you worry about timing.
High knees. An easy-to-do cardio exercise that you can do at the start of your exercise to get you warmed-up. It is essentially jogging on the spot, but keeping your knees high and your arms moving at all times.
Squats – Stand up-right with your legs at shoulder-width apart and in a controlled manner, move your torso towards the ground, whilst aiming to keep your back slightly arched. Whilst doing this movement, have your arms out in front of you. You should feel this exercise working your abs and thighs. Try and do at least 15 reps, or until you fail.
Mountain climbers. Get into a press-up position, but bend one of your knees to your abdominal region, so now you look like you are about to start a race. Move your legs back and forth for about a minute. This is another great cardio workout for you to try at home.
Hip raises – These are a great way to improve your core and abdominal strength. To complete, simply lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent at a 45-degree angle. If you can, tense your stomach and hold. Next, life your upper torso from the ground and hold for 5 seconds and then in a controlled manner, drop back to the ground.
Side plank. A great exercise for giving you a tight and strong core. Simply, lie-on your side, and with your free hand, place it on your hip. Whilst maintaining a normal breathing pattern, raise your hips until your ankles and shoulders are aligned.

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Now, you have some idea of how a home workout for women can look. Although, going to the gym has a lot of benefits, it is possible to get a great workout at home, and without using any equipment. Bodyweight exercises help you push your body into action and are great for losing fat and for strength conditioning.
It doesn’t matter what your age is; find a home workout for women to increase your fitness and health. Exercising regularly can help reduce osteoporosis, as well as making you feel strong and great inside and on the outside. Find out more at:

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BeachBody LLC Corporation



BeachBody LLC is an american company and a leading provider of fitness products that offer best results. The company was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon with a mission to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy fulfilling lives.It is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, United States. A online community is also operated by them which provides fitness and weight loss solutions, develops supplements, accessories and a lot more.

The company has a customer base of more than 23 million customers worldwide. The success to such a large customer base is because of the interactive sales and marketing strategy adopted by them. They have individual sales consultants who are known as �Coaches’ and they sell fitness related products.

BeachBody has more than 400k Coaches who help people to maintain their health and reach their financial goals. More than 1000 employees work for BeachBody corporation for smooth running of business.

BeachBody have a well established presence on different social media platforms . They have average 5 million unique visitors across different platforms and because of this huge online presence the company was able to generate a sale of $1 billion in year 2015.

Products Offered

The company management is totally dedicated to provide their customers with exceptional quality fitness products at a reasonable price. Below mentioned are some of the fitness products and and health supplements offered by the BeachBody LLC Corporation-


It is a body sculpting program that is designed by their trainers after spending decades in studying fitness and nutrition. The main aim of this program is to transform the human body into an absolute masterpiece.

The workouts are so efficient that the person can build ultimate physique in a less amount of time with 30- 45 daily workout.

➔ Core De Force

It is a fitness program combined with mixed martial arts and different workouts in order to reduce belly fat and transform the entire body without any equipment. The workout is divided into 3 minutes round which consist combination of Boxing, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai.

Each move in the workout is rotational which work on the core from 360 degrees to trim belly fat.

➔ 22 Minutes Hard Corps

22 minutes hard cops is a basic training program which is needed to be done for 22 minutes a day for 8 weeks.

➔ BeachBody Performance

It is a all in one system of powerful supplements designed for the individual to take crazy challenges. It is developed by a team of scientist with a deep nutrition research. The combination of ingredients is scientifically shown to create difference in energy, strength and stamina .

➔ P90X

It is a complete 90 day home fitness system designed to transform the body of the individual in the best shape possible. It includes 12 intense workouts that includes different training, nutrition plan along with a workout calendar. It is a cost effective product.


PIYO is a workout program that introduces the individual to dynamic flowing sequences which helps to burn calories and lengthen and tone the muscles to increase the flexibility of the body at the same time.

Excess amount of fat is burned and the pain in the body due to high impact workout is also minimised.

If you’re interested in reading some real Beachbody workout reviews by actual customers, head over to, from what I could find they had some of the more unbiased reviews.

A Guide to Workout Product Reviews

Workout Product Reviews

Working out products are the trendiest promoting things in the market these days. Working out supplements is utilized by expert competitors all through the world with a specific end goal to help their continuance and fabricate mass bulk. Working out supplements frequently come in type of pills and furthermore contain fundamental vitamins, proteins or supplements that are required by a competitor to execute well in an occasion or to fabricate their solid tissue mass substantially more quickly and essentially rapidly.

These weight training supplements includes included vitality in the body alongside right eating regimen clung to by expert competitors. In taking of such working out supplements helps the competitors to settle their body and to support their productivity in events and furthermore preparing. There are various sorts of working out supplements and every one of them executes a different capacity in the body. Some are utilized to support the power degree and additionally some are utilized to fill the void created by nonattendance of fitting eating routine arrangement. However the genuine the truth is that the single target of working out supplements is to enhance the physical body’s viability level by boosting the level of solid protein which is the essential component in structure mass strong tissues.

Your exploration must comprise of the symptoms, the believably of cases made by certain lifting weights supplement and furthermore you have to in like manner counsel the health specialist of Gym preceding using such supplements. Continually counsel your mentor for the best possible amount of admission or read the rules before expending such supplements since wrong or abundance utilization of lifting weights supplements could pose danger to your physical body and life.

In the event that you are competitor and longings to construct mass muscles rapidly after that you have to take in such weight training supplements or else for a normal person which truly needs to develop muscles only to boost their identity, utilization of such lifting weights supplements is not prescribed. Reliably counsel your health specialist before making utilization of weight training supplements and additionally recall, Body building supplements are simply to enhance your eating routine regimen so as to execute well and in addition additional and in addition use of these supplements should be suspended after your goal is served.